Sideload Cydia Apps On Stock iOS

With iOS 9 and Xcode 7, Apple allowed sideloading apps without needing a paid developer account. This means that some jailbreak apps can be sideloaded too. Below is a list of tested jailbreak app compatibility. If you would like to know how to sideload apps, there is a guide here. If you have tested any others, feel free to let me know so I can add them here.
Tested Compatibility
Name Works? Notes Download
Activator No Crashes Xcode when trying to install to device. DEB
BatteryLife Yes - DEB
BytaFont 3 Partial Works as a browser but can't install additional fonts. DEB
CrashReporter No Crashes upon opening. DEB
Cydia No Requires root access to process filesystem (upon opening). DEB
f.lux Yes - DEB
iCleaner No Crashes upon opening. DEB
iFile Partial Requires editing Info.plist to change executable value to "iFile_" after building IPA, extracting and rebuilding IPA. DEB
iTransmission 4 Yes - DEB
Flex 2 Partial Works but patches don't have any effect. Unknown
Flex 3 No Crashes upon opening. Unknown
Filza File Manager Yes - DEB
Kodi Yes - DEB
MTerminal No Crashes upon opening. DEB
NewTerm No Displays "Not allowed to fork from inside Sandbox" upon opening. DEB